Thursday, March 19, 2009

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The end of blogs?

The demise of blogging and the rise of Twitter has been predicted for some time.
In my own experience I find that I blog less and tweet more. On the other hand, traffic sources to my ThoughtSpurs blog are increasingly from Twitter.

One of the issues with Twitter is that information on Twitter is transitory, whereas blogs have a permanence that allow the information in them to be archived and searched (located) by Google and other search engines.

Twitter is useful for promoting fresh content on your blog or web site. If the content is interesting and relevant the message may be retweeted to wider, secondary networks.

I'm inclined to the view that microblogging's exponential rise in popularity is interesting but it would be wrong to view it as evidence of the demise of other forms.
Different media formats have always proven useful for different tasks. Messages of less than 140 characters have their limitations as well as their opportunities.

The trick is to work them out.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Twittering - Online Stream of Conscious

I wonder if Twitter is causing a reduction in the amount of blogging. Twitter is called 'micro-blogging' and allows users to publish messages of 140 characters or less - the effect is more of an extemporaneous conversation with the network. Users are able to view comments by members of their network and either reply widely, visible to all, directly - only visible by their recipient or to 'Retweet' someone else's message to their own network.

Some people use twitter to develop contacts with others of a like mind. Businesses like the New York Times or New Zealand Herald use the short form and truncated URLs (available from the likes of BrightKit or It is an easily updated way for the firms to advise of content updates.

There are many applications popping up around Twitter to manage and analyse connections. Twirl and Tweetdeck are popular. You can measure your influence and the growth of your network with tools like TwitterCounter or Twitter-Friends

It is an interesting experiment in social media. My feeling is that it will evolve.
The question is whether the pressure on attention is sustainable? Who much time do people have to consume an endless real-time stream of conscious.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Video Blogging

Crossroads: Overcoming the Odds from Sunny Gault on Vimeo.I'm not a huge fan of video blogs - yet, bandwidth here in New Zealand is still expensive and unreliable. And, unlike a written account, it is hard top skim.

Today I cam across this vlog by American woman Sunny Gault. Gault pitches herself as a 'storyteller', and that is exactly how she phrases her posts.

The motif is The Crossroads - she records her piece to camera at an actual crossroad, which seem to have charming, small town names. The format is simple. Just Sunny to camera. She has a rant about the topic on her mind.

She has defined the following categories:
  • Career
  • Everyday Life
  • Family
  • Health
  • Just for Fun
  • Relationships
The Crossroads have a road map. So far the topics have been:
  • Overcoming the Odds
  • De-stressing
  • Work Ethic
  • Breaking Promises
  • Happy Halloween!
Ok, so…not brain surgery. But watch the clip. Sunny by name, suny by nature.
The chats are warm and engaging, if conservative by nature. She is quite different to LonelyGirl15 or the octogenarian vlogger made famous in YouTube's infancy.
The production values are high (camera technology come a long way).


  • Be clear about your purpose
  • Be simple in format
  • Rehearse
  • Be yourself

I will meet Sunny Gault at the crossroads to hear her thoughts.

See you there.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Trends for blog design

Cre8d Design specialise in blog design, themes, maintenance and plugins using Wordpress and community sites using Drupal since 2002.

Principal of the company Rachel Cunliffe has posted her predictions for the direction blogs will be heading in the next year.

"The big-text-shiny-rounded-gradient “Web 2.0 designs” will start to fade in 2009 and seem a little dated."

She predicts:

Here are her predictions for blog design trends in 2009.

Blog themes will powerfully integrate social media like Facebook and Myspace in a meaningful and useful way - as a permanent record all bundled together in one place

Twitter will be much more tightly integrated with blogs.

Simple, classy, black and white blogs with lots of white space are the new trend. Who needs color and clutter getting in the way when you have lots of large gorgeous photos on your blog to steal the limelight?

Blogs will look more handmade. Look for more blog designs with handwriting, collages, paint strokes, doodles, sketches, paperclips, stitches and material.

Bloggers will continue to redesign for wider screens to enable displaying larger photos and large widescreen videos.

Wordpress, Expression Engine, Drupal and other blogging/community tools will be used in ever increasing creative ways - to the extent that a casual visitor will be surprised to learn what the site is being run by and impressed at the ease of updating such seemingly complex sites.

Visit Cre8d Design for the full post

Friday, January 02, 2009

260 blogs worth visiting by Liz Strauss

Blogging expert Liz Strauss has compiled an intersting list of worthwhile blogs. Visit her site to see the ratioanle for each. (Via MindBlob)

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and 1 plus 1 makes 3
10. Mike Vizdos …Implementing Scrum
11. Keith Brooks … Lotus Evangelist
12. Susan Cartier Liebel … Building ‘Solo Practice University’
13. Delaney Kirk … Ask-Dr-Kirk
14. Romana Mirza … Find creativity in the world.
15-16. Jessica Fritsche … paper graffiti
and Daily Tech Diva
17. Rick Grant … New Media Observer
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19. Beth Robinson … Inventing Elephants
20. Jonathan Fields … Jonathan Fields | Awake @ The Wheel
21. Robert Schilt … Robert@PNG
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35. Lauren Krause … Creative Curio
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and Reviews and ramblings around the blogsphere!
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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Arianna Huffington on blogging on The Daily Show

I have just been watching the December 3 edition of The Daily Show with John Stewart. His guest was Arianna Huffington, the co-founder of the Huffington Post. She was there to promote her book The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging (which is authored by may, so is probably more a wiki then a blog - but you may wish to contest this interpretation).

However, her interview was interesting and amusing. Her view that blogs are the first draft of history seemed to make sense. And that blogs are best when they are fresh and unexpurgated. Write about your passions she says - your hidden passions even.

Stewart, quite rightly, points the fact that he has no need of blogging because he has an audience for his television show. Hard to argue with that. But for the rest of us the unmediated blogosphere gives us access to an audience which might otherwise not know we existed - if indeed we can find an audience online. Huffington says 50,000 new blogs are started every day. At that rate there will be more blogs than readers.

Then there are blogs like ThoughtSpurs, which simply record the trivial, the absurd and, yes, the thought provoking. In the years I have been adding to the archive I have covered terrain that I might otherwise have simply forgotten and in this respect I, like many others, may simply be my own audience (or, in the words of Neil Roberts) - the audient.

When my copy of the book arrives from Fishpond (NZ) I will deliver a full review.
If you are closer to the US the Amazon edition is here.

This from the, as yet, solitary review (5 stars) on Amazon:

The "Complete Guide to Blogging" is A FANTASTIC BOOK! Though it's hard for me to whittle down my list of favorite chapters to a choice few, I'll GIVE IT A TRY anyway:

3. You Can't Be Too Angry: "Think of something that makes you irrationally furious. If what results is something you'd never say to someone's face for fear of getting the living s**t kicked out of you, then IT'S PERFECT BLOGGING MATERIAL!!!!"

7. These. Are. Four. Sentences.

11. No Barriers to Entry: "Why be a low-paid hack banging out endless copy when you CAN DO IT FOR FREE?"

Friday, October 17, 2008

You can check out any time you like…

I was discussing a project with a client the other day. He runs luxury limousine transfers from Auckland Airport to the city and further afield. I suggested that starting a blog might be a useful companion for the web site we will build. The subject would be what is happening on his patch - in effect, while customers are aboard the driver is a mobile concierge.

I came across the blog of a boutique hotel in Portland Oregon. The Deluxe. Their blog is well written and full of interesting things to see and do in Portland.

To tell you the honest truth I'd never contemplated visiting Portland before but the blog has a charming way of inviting visitors.

Nicely done.

I'll refer it to my client.

(There are other hotels in the group that blog too … check them out:

Hotel deLuxe;
Hotel Murano;
Hotel Preston;
plus a Facebook page for Hotel Lucia. ).

Via AdPulp